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My Story

Hey Family!​

If you don't know me by now, my name is Koryn, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and a lover of FASHION.


Can I be honest with you all? I'M FED UP. I'm fed up because some of us believe,  the prerequisite for success is to dim a person's light and boy, do we have it all wrong!

When I was younger, I had an admiration for service. I love helping people even if it was a simple request to clean the dishes lol. I knew that my career would involve some type of stewardship. I went down the medical path because it seemed suitable for me and it would accumulate A LOT of money right? But in the back of my mind I had a love for clothes. Something about putting together stylish fits and expressing my personality through fashion, gave me a sublime feeling. I received my first confirmation (that this was my passion) during high school when I was trophied "Class Best Dressed" at our annual grammy awards. I took a moment of reflection and realized that people saw something creative in me and yet, I didn't see it in myself. So I tried to brush it off. You know, that uncomfortable, pulsating feeling of God exposing your authentic talents.

As I approached college, I proceeded with the idea of me becoming a Radiologist. I took a few biology courses (very challenging biology courses lol) and then I received my second confirmation that I was in the wrong field. One person stopped me, then another and anotherrr... so on, complimented me for the way that I dressed and carried myself. Sorry to break it to you, but that still wasn't enough for me to change my major! Sigh.... 


Finally, my 3rd confirmation shipped its way to my doorstep, when I became obsessed with taking pictures. Taking pictures turned into a hobby, and the hobby turned into modeling.  Something I thought was so fun became another source of affirmation in my life. The consistency of my fashion photos, created amazing opportunities for me to be booked with photographers, modeling for clothing brands, and walking in a fashion show with a well-known designer. People recognized me on social media as "Koryn the model". When my modeling career took off, I knew that I needed to do something. I was so determined to find a career that I would fall in love with rather than sticking to my initial plan, I would soon regret. Now being a  Biology Major and Chemistry minor felt great to flaunt lol but I promised myself that I would take a shot on what I loved to do. 


During my junior year of college, I became intrigued with entrepreneurship, I wanted to know all about it and how I can become an expert in the field. That meant I'd research EVERYTHING, watch ted talks, become obsessed with youtube videos, and read several books to fully discover my career choice. 

The year of 2017, I became FED UP! I hated working for minimum wage, hated feeling like I was living without purpose, and I wanted to get a message across. I wanted the world to change and I wanted to be that CHANGE. 

So I'm here..... 

with a fashion brand called  EVRYBDYEATS.

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